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SIGMA competencies for your company processes

We analyze and optimize your business processes so that you can meet future challenges. We support you in product development and are a competent partner for IT infrastructure, software and mobile apps as well as the ERP systems Infor LN and SAP Business One.

We have been providing our customers and partners with competent support since 1990. Benefit from our expert knowledge and our agile way of working. We support you in analysis, project management and pass on our knowledge to your employees in workshops.

Process improvements


With the help of modern AutoID and RFID technologies, continuous product tracking and evaluation of process data throughout the entire manufacturing process is possible.

The communication and control between machine and product becomes feasible. This results in lean production - paving the way to an intelligent factory.

Standardized practical applications

Advantages of the system

  • Greater transparency in the production process
  • Avoidance of overproduction and waste
  • Digital documentation of the process data as well as their evaluation, for example in terms of CIP.
  • Position detection
  • Higher degree of automation


The digitalisation of warehouse and logistics enables a continuous flow of information, supports the logistical decision making process by providing data and increases transparency within the value chain. The smart company is born.

Standardized practical applications

Advantages of the system

  • Faster response to unplanned events
  • Decreasing error rate due to constant information flow
  • Savings potential through efficient resource management


The intelligent company requires short reaction times within the value chain. Analyses of generated data form the basis for fast decision-making. The ERP system also plays a central role, as it coordinates the business processes and structures and stabilizes the use and integration of all data.

Data and information is exchanged between different installations within a site or at different locations. Production and logistics processes between suppliers or parts of a company are simplified.

Application Cases

Advantages of the system

  • Reduction of isolated applications by designing integrated processes across software boundaries
  • Avoidance of inconsistency in data storage and thus reduction of the error rate
  • Connecting the RFID world with the business software landscape
  • Creation of analysis possibilities - Big Data becomes Smart Data


A strong and secure IT is the backbone of your data and enables a continuous flow of information between different installations within your company and beyond.
Practical applications


  • Protection of critical operational processes through high availability of IT
  • Maximizing the protection of data against loss or unauthorized access


If products are extended with embedded systems, smart products are created and thus form the basis of Industry 4.0. Do you have your own product development or electronics production in-house? Then we are at your disposal with our embedded competence.

Practical applications