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Meter management with RFID

The solution for meter operators of electricity, water and gas.

With our RFID systems you can automatically identify delivered meters, distinguish new meters from old ones or according to open claims and quickly and efficiently move the meters either to your warehouse or to scrapping.

Metering systems such as analog or digital meters for e.g. electricity, water or gas are necessary to measure the consumption in a consumption point and have to be replaced or renewed regularly. A complete and correct documentation of the meter readings is indispensable. This represents a high logistical effort for the metering point operators or network operators.

The delivered metering systems are manually separated into old and new meters without automation. The old meters then have to be sorted by hand and, if necessary, stored or scrapped.

RFID gates / RFID gates in the field of meter management

To enable automatic identification of the meters during delivery, manufacturers equip the meters with RFID transponders that contain a unique serial number. During the process of goods receipt, the meters are transported through an RFID gate or into an RFID cabin. Automated identification of incoming goods by RFID gates and RFID cabins.

RFID readers at the respective facility recognize the transponders. These can compare the serial number recorded there with the serial number contained in the electronic delivery bill and thus record the actual delivery quantity.

By transmitting the EPC code ( Electronic Product Code ) to the ERP system such as Infor LN or SAP Business One, it is possible to check whether the equipment is new or old.

Based on the serial number, the RFID system recognizes whether there are any outstanding receivables for the old devices and automatically sorts them out so that they can be quickly moved to the warehouse or scrapped without much effort.

Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung