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Indoor localization via RTLS

As an extension to our RFID solutions in cooperation with ZIGPOS GmbH we offer a solution for indoor localisation based on the RTLS technology. The ZIGPOS RTLS consists of badges to display important information as well as anchors which localise the badges.

The badge is an universal locating and communicating device which can transmit sensor data in both directions. By means of radio sensors and e-paper display it can be read and freely written by machines and humans. The credit card-sized e-paper can be used intuitively and replaces notes or papers.

Advantages of the RTLS job control

✓ Search for production orders in production no longer necessary
✓ Manual bookings of stock transfers in logistics and production are eliminated
✓ Comprehensive transparency on the status of current production orders both internally and Mobile

Tracking of production material using SAP Business One as an example
  1. Marriage badge with container and material
  2. Posting goods receipt by means of RTLS and RFID middleware GRAIDWARE
  3. Location transmission on badge by GRAIDWARE
  4. Visualization of location information of the container
  5. Automatic recognition of the stock transfer by RTLS
  6. Automatic posting in SAP Business One through the AutoID / RFID middleware GRAIDWARE
  7. Visualization of link between material number and production order
  8. Display next destination
  9. Visualization of provided materials in SAP Business One BDE terminal
  10. Transition from production step laser cutting to polishing
  11. Transition from production step polishing after testing
  12. Completion of production with associated documentation and test results
  13. Confirmation BDE terminal for booking in SAP Business One
  14. Displaying Relationship Plan after completion notification in SAP Business One
  15. Scanning of badge in goods out
  16. RFID middleware GRAIDWARE transmits print command after scanning QR code
  17. Removing the badge
  18. Identification with an UHF RFID label for shipping and for automatic identification at the goods out gate
  19. Posting delivery in SAP Business One

Source: zigpos.com