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RTLS localization for indoors

Locating workpieces during production by RTLS

IT systems that provide production data in a structured form for further processing are an indispensable part of Industry 4.0. They are the heart of a business software landscape, help to optimize production through a variety of data outputsand support and monitor your work process. Our standardized Auto ID solution of indoor localization distinguishes us as a pioneer in RFID-supported production supportand offers you a quick entry into the RFID world.

It is important for you to know at any time which workpiece is located at which workstation. The integration of this information into your ERP system is also a core requirement of indoor localization. With the integration of RTLS technology, our RFID / Auto ID solution offers the possibility to provide information about the current location, material and equipment via an information carrier (badge) in addition to the bookings at incoming and outgoing goods.

As an extension for our   RFID middleware GRAIDWARE and the system component RFID Tor we offer in cooperation with the company ZIGPOS GmbH a solution for indoor localization based on the RTLS technology. The ZIGPOS RTLS consists of information carriers (badge) for the display of production relevant information. The badge is a universal location and communication device that can transmit sensor data in both directions. For this purpose, the system requires readers (anchors) that locate the badges.

Through wireless sensors and e-paper display, the badges can be read and freely written by both machines and humans. The credit card-sized device can be used intuitively and replaces conventional documentation with paper and pen.

Source: zigpos.com

Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung