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Real-time Localization System / RTLS

The solution for locating objects in real time

With a real-time localisation system ( RTLS ), a position detection of objects ( e.g. forklift trucks, load carriers, handling units, components, products, persons ) in one or more predefined areas can be realised with an accuracy of up to 0.5 metres. The detection of the position in space and in height with x, y and z coordinates ( e.g. the height of the forklift fork ) is possible.

Position messages can be sent permanently or on demand ( for example, when a forklift truck picks up or places a pallet ). Storing processes can be monitored by means of a handling unit in JIS racks, for example when transporting products.


In combination with the automatic identification of goods ...

  • the link between position of the forklift truck and identification of goods ( for example when loading or unloading ) is possible. This also enables the storage of positions of transported objects ( e.g. containers, skeleton containers, pallets )
  • the detection of hall transitions ( e.g. object leaves the hall via the dispatch gate ) is possible
  • the recognition of putaways and stock removals at storage bins, high rack storage areas or block storage areas is possible


Advantages of real-time localization through RFID localization

  • Real-time detection and monitoring of object positions
  • Reduction of the inventory effort
  • no search times
  • Route optimization
  • Increase process safety


Examples of use

  • Warehouse logistics ( high rack warehouse, block storage )
  • Shipping
  • Production Just in Time / Just in Sequence ( JIT / JIS )



  • Output of x, y, z coordinates
  • Output of events on entry or exit from a configured zone
  • Visualization of the position on a site plan
  • Optional: Possibility of linking identifiable objects ( e.g. pallet or pallet cage ) with a forklift position




  • Active transponders for object to be tracked
  • Permanently installed sensors for covering an area


  • Smart Factory Production Logistics Ubisense
  • RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® SFP Interface
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung