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Forklift truck with RFID reader

The digitalization of forklift-based processes such as goods storage, goods retrieval and order picking requires reliable and secure on-site data processing. Our solutions for the forklift truck provide various functions and take aspects into account. With the buffering of necessary data on the forklift terminal, work is also possible offline. When using LTE, data is securely transmitted via VPN.

Furthermore, any devices mounted on the forklift ( RFID readers and sensors ) are not directly connected to the forklift terminal via connecting lines, but are connected by means of radio technology. This simplifies installation and maintenance of hardware on the forklift.

Advantages of RFID identification on forklifts

  • Avoidance of missing bookings through higher degree of automation
  • Automatic inventory for subareas
  • Avoidance of non-value-added activities ( manual barcode scanning )
  • Avoidance of search times for transported goods

Examples of use

  • Goods-in / goods-out
  • Warehouse management
  • Intralogistics
  • Shipping



  • Identification of RFID tagged objects
  • Automatic recognition of a load
  • Output of information on a terminal ( e.g. article, batch, delivery, customer number, planned storage location, etc. )
  • Communication with central GRAIDWARE ® server allows data exchange with external systems, e.g. warehouse management in ERP
  • Detection of forklift truck locations in the covered locating area
  • Feedback of object locations based on the detected parking location
  • Recognition of storage locations within shelf or bulk storage




  • RFID reader
  • Sensor for load detection
  • GRAIDWARE ® Hardware Connector
  • Connection cable

Communication variants of the RFID hardware from tractor to lifting device

  • Data connection and power supply via hybrid cable or
  • Data connection via WLAN and power supply via battery

Hardware optional
RTLS ( Real Time Locating System ) on ultra wideband basis consisting of:

  • permanently installed sensors to cover the locating area
  • active tags on the forklift truck to detect the position, driving direction and fork height

HF ( High Frequency ) positioning system consisting of:

  • HF reader on the forklift truck floor and floor transponder distributed to relevant hall areas
  • the transponders are read automatically when the vehicle passes over them


GRAIDWARE Module Forklift

Based on the AutoID / RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® with RFID supported terminal application

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