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In order to optimize business processes in the digitalized working world, our experienced and certified employees support you in the planning and implementation of your IT project. As a full-service IT provider, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and IT services since 1990.

In addition to IT sizing and IT system planning, we procure and install all components used in a server room ( storage, server, switches, firewall, NAS, UPS, WIFI ) as well as clients and accessories according to your requirements. IT security & backup applications, Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange as well as IT support and IT service complete our offer. Basically, the latest IT technologies are always used, unless otherwise requested by the client.

References and project examples

We understand how to incorporate customer ideas and wishes into the IT planning and implementation of projects. We offer you full service - from IT planning, to installation and IT support. Let our references inspire you for your next project.

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DigitalPakt Schule provides financial support for schools to expand their WLAN network. For efficient use of the funding, access points must be optimally positioned. For WLAN coverage, we check the structural conditions on site and plan suitable positions for access points based on experience ( WIFI site survey ). Final tests and optimization of locations are incorporated into a recommendation.
Link: reference report

The technical universities in Saxony are supported by the Sophos platinum partner SIGMA IT-Security und Infrastruktur GmbH as part of a Sophos framework agreement. As a result, Sophos Red 60 devices of the latest generation were delivered to the Studentenwerk Dresden.
Link: reference report

Due to increasing requirements and expiring manufacturer support, a modernization of the IT infrastructure was necessary. Because of the price advantage and greater possibilities for device management, local data storage was chosen and the decision was made against a data center. An ETERNUS All Flash Storage as well as a PRIMERGY Server from FUJITSU guarantee that the IT infrastructure will be able to meet the requirements of the next years.
Link: order notification

Implementation of a storage system is preceded by IT sizing to optimize data security and data availability. In IT sizing, we analyse the exact performance, capacity and availability requirements of your applications. This results in an individual configuration that is precisely tailored to your business processes / requirements.

Due to an expiring hardware lease with GEMAC, the renewal of all servers was necessary. SIGMA was chosen as a high-performance partner close to the location. In addition to a new backup strategy, the company procured and set up a new backup system: ETERNUS Storage, several PRIMERGY servers, a backup server, an ETERNUS Tape Library from FUJITSU and a VEEAM backup. These guarantee high availability and reliable data protection.  reference report

If your IT admin is ill or on vacation, we offer you a professional IT representation. We temporarily take over the IT system support with pre-defined tasks such as network administration, backup and check additional functions, eliminate faults in your IT system or carry out important updates. By means of an IT monitoring software we can monitor your IT system and thanks to remote support we can react quickly in case of failure.

On 14.01.2020 the support for Windows 7 has expired.  SIGMA takes over Windows migration to Windows 10 for you. After checking the requirements, necessary hardware and licenses can be procured if necessary. Following a joint planning, IT migration is carried out with as little disruption as possible.

The realized IT migration from groupware Tobit to Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 led to legally compliant e-mail archiving within a standardized IT infrastructure at Stadtwerke Annaberg-Buchholz. Requirements for interfaces to ERP and archiving systems as well as connection and administration of mobile devices were taken into account. The backup process was accelerated by a suitable data protection concept.
Links: reference report | reference video

With the help of an optimized workstation concept, you can use your IT infrastructure sustainably and cost-efficiently. High-performance hardware can continue to be used after the end of its planned useful life at workstations with lower technical requirements for hardware and software. Within the scope of IT system support, adjustments and updates of the concept and equipment are possible.

Monitor business-critical systems and applications independently of hardware and systems via IT monitoring. As soon as critical values for CPU, RAM, memory and offline applications are reached, you will receive an automatic notification so that we as your service partner can react immediately.

Companies often need WLAN ( WIFI ) in the warehouse or even in the office. The prerequisite for complete WLAN coverage is an optimal number of access points. This is achieved by WLAN illumination. Based on floor plans we estimate the placement of the access points. On site we check and optimize the positions of the access points with measuring instruments. Finally, you will receive a recommendation for the equipment with access points.

Demands on security and speed of WLAN networks are constantly increasing. For your network solutions, we offer you not only WLAN illumination but also appropriate access points - whether for your office, warehouse or company premises. We take care of delivery, assembly and installation of access points and switches.

You intend to implement SAP Business One, but you are still missing the corresponding server? We deliver certified hardware, e.g. Fujitsu Server ( Primergy ) for your SAP HANA server. In addition, we offer competent ERP consulting for the implementation of SAP Business One. business-one-consulting.de

A company expansion required a new backup strategy and a new IT infrastructure for two server rooms ( VMware and SAN storage / backup and recovery solution ). To optimize administration and communication, all subsidiaries were connected to the data center and an IT migration to current versions of domain and Microsoft Exchange Server was carried out.
Link:  order notification

Due to expiring manufacturer warranty and reaching the performance limit, the procurement of new hardware and IT migration to current systems became unavoidable. In the implemented IT migration concept, old systems were partially reused, new systems were procured and Windows Server 2019, Exchange Server 2019 and all relevant data were migrated with minimized and planned downtimes.

As a certified Fujitsu partner with 30 years of IT competence, SIGMA is at your side with IT system support, IT monitoring and a hardware repair service. We replace defective components even after the warranty has expired and take care of spare parts procurement, installation and functional testing.

Based on IT system support, we create a technical documentation with an overview of your IT system network (server and storage), RAID, data storage, network configuration and a list of all IT systems including name, IP address, function and serial number. We document your LAN network structure including subnets and your configurations (e.g. Exchange, firewall, anti-virus software, email archiving and data backup).

Knowledge transfer is very important to us. In training courses and workshops, preferably on site at the customer's premises, we provide IT managers and administrators with the latest knowledge, e.g. on how to use new anti-virus software, the backup system or the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Due to the growth of the company, a roll-out of 125 Fujitsu clients (high-quality notebooks, high-performance mini workstations, small form factor desktop PCs and monitors) was carried out. SIGMA took over configuration, installation, roll out planning, coordination with software providers and creation and installation of images for the departments. After delivery, integration into the existing IT infrastructure took place.

Due to growing IT system requirements and to ensure a smooth running IT system, a comprehensive renewal of the clients was recommended.
In accordance with the technical and budget specifications of the customer, 155 suitable PCs and notebooks from Fujitsu were offered after compatibility and configuration checks. Despite a subsequent change in the number of units, an attractive price was granted.

As part of our IT system support, we offer system administrators support for IT problems. This includes, among other things, localization and elimination of faults in the systems to be monitored, backup function test, restoration of old data backups, user administration / access management and IT monitoring.

With IT system maintenance as part of the IT system support we keep your software up to date. In order to maintain functionality at all times, we carry out regular system checks on servers, storage systems, operating systems and other software for maintenance customers according to agreement. Software Maintenance Service

IT security is important to you and you are looking for an alternative for your antivirus software? Convince yourself of the reliability of ESET and check out the free trial version! As a Gold Partner, we will provide you with competent advice on the appropriate ESET license model (expandable at any time), submit an attractive offer and support you in installation and license migration.

In the context of a change in the IT infrastructure at CEFEG, a data backup concept was defined for the realization of a manipulation-free and audit-proof email archiving. It was decided to use the email management system of REDDOXX and SIGMA Chemnitz as competent project partner.
Link: reference report

Growing amounts of data and partly outdated hardware required an increased administrative effort. Even IT failure safety no longer met the requirements. This made the renewal of IT infrastructure urgently necessary, which required a well thought-out IT concept. In this concept, system requirements and dimensioning of necessary IT components were analyzed and based on this, the course of the project was determined. Subsequently, the IT project was implemented by SIGMA Chemnitz.
Link: reference report

We also offer our IT maintenance customers IT network solutions and IT system support outside Chemnitz. Increasing performance requirements and a growing number of users required a new procurement of PoE switches. LANCOM switches were chosen to meet these requirements. SIGMA's service package included the procurement and installation of the switches and a WLAN configuration.