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AutoID / RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ®

The AutoID / RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ® is an abstraction layer for different hardware components and business applications. Within AutoID based processes, tools, production steps and AutoID data can be identified, monitored, controlled and configured. In addition, the middleware forwards data from different AutoID processes to higher-level business applications, such as ERP, QA or WMS systems ( e.g. SAP Business One, SAP R/3, Infor LN, Infor Baan IV, SoliDat, Navision / Dynamics NAV, Sage, TimeLine, GUSS info and yours ).

The Auto ID middleware GRAIDWARE ® is a distributed software system. The individual parts, separated by their function, are called components and can be run on any Windows operating system ( from Windows 7 ).

Examples of use

Transportation, logistics, production and quality assurance in the automotive, automotive supplier, textile, trade, etc. industries.

Standard components of the RFID middleware

The GRAIDWARE ® Basis middleware contains all components for the basic functionality of an Auto ID solution. The basis already provides a fully functional framework for the connection of Auto ID devices and can be extended by additional components or modules or customer-specific adaptations ( processes ).

GRAIDWARE Center ® ( formally known as Management Console )

  • Graphical user interface ( Web application ) for administration of GRAIDWARE ®
  • Administration and configuration of the individual GRAIDWARE ® components and interfaces
  • Administration, configuration and monitoring of Auto ID devices
  • Management and configuration of machines and terminals
  • Administration of the locations / workstations
  • Management of process implementations
  • Standard language is English


  • Interface between Management Console and GRAIDWARE ® application environment
  • Manages the communication between the components
  • Receiving runtime information
  • Installing and managing devices on the controllers



  • Collect and manage the generated RFID transponder readings
  • Number range management
  • Filtered query options for RFID transponder readings



  • Several controllers ( device controller, printer controller and machine controller )
  • Connection of different Auto ID devices and machines (e.g. HF or UHF RFID read and write devices or barcode readers)
  • Specific instruction set for each device




High Availability

The AutoID middleware GRAIDWARE ® supports software and hardware high availability. Critical hardware components ( e.g. database server ) must be available redundantly and a sufficient number of operating systems is necessary ( VM, PC, etc. ). Depending on the requirements of a component, application states are mirrored using the database server or distributed memory.

Number range management

This function module allows you to manage number ranges. These offer the possibility to generate numbers, which can be used and considered as Auto ID identification feature ( RFID, 1D-barcode, 2D-barcodes like Datamatrix and others ) in the middleware GRAIDWARE ® system. The created number ranges can be edited, deleted, activated and deactivated.


Interfaces and database connection

The connection of third party systems serves the communication with ERP, QS and WMS software systems ( e.g. SAP Business One, SAP R/3, Infor LN, Infor Baan IV, SoliDat, Navision / Dynamics NAV, Sage, TimeLine, GUSS info and your individual system ) via interfaces standardized in the industry for data exchange between IT systems ( e.g. Euromap ), which are part of the overall process control. The administration ( registration, configuration, and status monitoring ) of the third-party systems in relation to the interfaces is done within GRAIDWARE ®. The database connection is an important part of the middleware GRAIDWARE ® for storing data and system configuration. Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are supported as database management systems. The database connection is managed by each GRAIDWARE ® component itself and is used optionally.


Signal Processors

Signal processors are used to process data streams ( primarily Auto ID data ) and offer simple evaluation options, such as position determination or plausibility checks.



  • Standard Edition - up to 5 AutoID devices *
  • Business Edition - up to 15 AutoID devices
  • Enterprise Edition - unlimited number of AutoID end devices


* Auto ID terminals are devices for the acquisition of Auto ID markings, such as RFID, barcode, data matrix, QR code etc. This also includes printers with integrated RFID unit.

GRAIDWARE ® is a registered trademark of SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH. All other product and company names, logos and trademarks are for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung