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Driver development for cameras and sensors

We have specialised in the development and adaptation of drivers for cameras and sensors and offer years of experience in the fields of analogue and digital cameras, monochrome, colour, infrared / thermal imaging and other special cameras with CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors.

Cameras like VM006, VM008, VM009, VM010, VM011, VM012, VM016, VM050, VM053, PhotonFokus and Flir Tau2 as well as CMOS sensors like AR0531, AR0144, AR0132 and MT9V024 were used. Please ask us for your specific camera or sensor.

Driver, customisation & support for sensors & cameras ( cameras with CMOS sensors )

Areas of application

Special cameras (cameras with CMOS sensors) are used in many different areas, such as drones, thermal imaging or infrared imaging, wildlife detection, agriculture, earth observation from space, reversing cameras in cars, for entrance control or also for platform monitoring from public transport.

Setting options

Customised driver developments allow you to individually adjust camera settings such as contrast, brightness, zoom, white balance, black level and resolution.

Hardware connections

Depending on the equipment, you can choose between USB, LVDS, RGB / SYNC or PAL / FBAS.

Bayer filter

Most cameras today use a so-called CMOS sensor, which however cannot recognise colours itself - so-called cameras with CMOS sensors. Therefore, the so-called Bayer pattern filter / Bayer matrix is often used.

Our experience with cameras and sensors ( cameras with CMOS sensors )

No matter for which product you need the camera or sensor and on which system it is based - we offer embedded solutions for Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded and Android. We work platform-independently and customer-specifically with hardware from Phytec, Keith & Koep, Toradex, TQ Systems, Ka-Ro, Data Modul, Avnet Silica and Garz & Fricke, among others.


  •     Connection of analogue cameras via Techwell Video Decoder TW9910 based on Windows CE 5.0 and Embedded Linux
  •     Driver development for monochrome, colour, IR and other cameras from Phytec such as VM053, VM050, VM016, VM012 VM011, VM010, VM009, VM008, VM006 based on Embedded Linux, WinCe6 and Android and the SoCs i.MX6 and i.MX8
  •     Driver development for CMOS sensors such as AR0531, AR0144, AR0132
  •     Driver development for camera based on NXP processor i.MX6 and embedded Linux
  •     Development of a camera driver for a measuring device for non-contact tyre tread measurement based on the i.MX6 NXP processor
  •     Development of a camera driver for the TQ standard kit based on the i.MX6 Solo processor from NXP under Embedded Linux
  •     Embedded Linux driver development for camera for the Trizeps VI module from Keith & Koep
  •     for a door control system we did a driver customisation and camera integration based on the NXP processor i.MX6 under Embedded Linux