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RFID solutions in medicine

Healthcare and medical industries are increasingly turning to RFID solutions to optimize and digitize processes. Laboratories, hospitals and clinics, medical care centers and nursing services benefit in the fields of patient safety, integrated care, RFID tracking and real-time analysis.

Investment in RFID solutions enables a high degree of standardization, which is quickly reflected in savings in search time and knowledge of utilization levels and thus ultimately in cost savings. Contactless identification through AutoID / RFID enables automated and digitalized solutions for recurring processes and enables tighter processes, error prevention, growth opportunities and a solid data basis.

Use AutoID / RFID to relieve medical personnel of technical and logistical challenges. Please contact us.


Examples for RFID solutions in medicine

  • Blood products are fitted with RFID transponders at blood donation services, in laboratories and hospitals for internal logistics
    Challenge: the transponder must stand out clearly from the liquid
  • Pharmaceutical packages are RFID tracked and delivered as part of the supply chain to automatically identify, locate and manage inventory
  • Patient wristbands can be fitted with RFID transponders in hospitals
    Advantage: real-time tracking eliminates mix-ups and reduces waiting times
  • Medical technology such as examination equipment, beds, wheelchairs or transport trolleys can be tracked with RFID and enriched with data
    Advantage: hygiene and cleaning cycles can be automated
  • RFID tracking of disposable products with a high number of variants, e.g. in heart catheter laboratories or operating rooms
    Advantage: Automation of delivery, storage and reordering
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung