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Controlling the flow of goods with RFID

With the standardized solution for controlling the flow of goods based on RFID / AutoID, goods or goods carriers can be identified in automatic conveyor lines, conveyor belts, lifts, etc. at positions that are relevant for decision-making or important for documentation. The flow of goods is controlled according to configurable rules. For example, goods can be directed to specific positions or machines on a conveyor line. On the other hand, a decision is made at waypoints about the further conveying path ( e.g. driving textile bags to the cleaning station ).

The information transfer to a control system can optionally be done via a web service, database access, FTP server or via data interfaces etc. If required, direct access to the control systems of the conveyor lines is also possible and is realized via OPC UA and the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® additional component machine control. The common machine controls, such as Siemens ( S7, S5 ), Mitsubishi, Rockwell and others can be taken into account.

Alternatively, for semi-automated or manual conveyor lines, visualization via a terminal or a signal light is possible instead of adjustment with the control system.

Advantages of RFID control of the flow of goods
  • Increase of degree of Automation
  • Increase of process safety
  • Automatic process logging

Examples of use

  • Support flow of goods
  • Intralogistics


  • Identification of UHF and / or HF marked goods, goods carriers, suspensions, etc. within automatic conveyor lines
  • Definition of rules that affect the control of flow of goods
  • Process monitoring and logging through the history of detected UHF / HF RFID transponders at the identification stations
  • automatic creation / cancellation of a logical link between product carrier and goods possible
  • When using additional machine control components, direct access to supported machine control systems such as Siemens ( S7, S5 ), Mitsubishi, Rockwell and others



  • HF or UHF read/write heads for identification of the goods or the goods carriers


  • If required: RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® additional component machine control
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