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Storage bin detection in bulk storage with floor transponders

With storage bin detection in bulk storage using floor transponders, defined storage areas are automatically identified by means of transponders installed in or on the floor. Optionally, the fork height of a forklift truck can be detected by means of sensors on the forklift truck. Thus the storage height can be assigned to an object. When a forklift truck ( or similar ) approaches the storage location, the storage location is linked to the AutoID-marked load ( e.g. articles, packages, skeleton containers, pallets, containers, etc. ).

The data is managed using the Auto ID / RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ®. If a storage bin is specified by an external Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) or Warehouse Management System ( WMS ), an automatic cross-check of the recognized storage bin is possible. This prevents incorrect putaways. Alternatively, the storage bin can be transferred to an external system without a plausibility check.

During stock placement or removal, posting information can be created and transferred for third-party business systems ( for example, SAP WMS ). It is also possible to control transport orders for forklifts ( display on the terminal or similar ). Optionally, recognized objects, identified storage bins or storage areas can be visualized.

Advantages of storage bin detection by transponder

  • Increase process safety
  • Avoidance of errors due to manual work steps
  • Increase of the degree of automation
  • Reduction of non-value-adding process times, e.g. manual scanning or regular ascending / descending for the registration of loaded goods and storage locations
  • Avoidance of search times
  • automatic and permanent inventory in the depicted storage area

Examples of use

  • Warehouse management
  • Intralogistics


  • Management of storage locations
  • automatic detection of storage areas when passing the ground transponders
  • Link storage bin with object to be placed into storage ( article, package, pallet, container etc. )
  • Optional: cross-checking when storage bin is specified by an external system
  • Optional: Visualization with evaluation and overview of current storage bin situation



  • RFID reader for load identification
  • HF-RFID reader for recognition of the ground transponders
  • Forklift terminal


  • RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® additional component storage bin management
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