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Position determination in the container with RFID & tracking

The solution is used to detect and monitor positions of AutoID tagged objects within a load carrier such as a container or bin. This is used to support JIS processes ( Just in sequence ) or for logging purposes etc.

The object to be stored is identified on a handling unit. When the objects are stored in a container standing at a defined place, the position of the handling unit with its x-y coordinates is determined via an RTLS real-time locating system. Simultaneously to the localisation, the object to be stored is identified, e.g. by means of RFID, barcode, QR Code, DataMatrix, etc. The corresponding information is recorded and processed in the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ®.

The actual position is compared with the corresponding target position and an optical and/or acoustic display of the correct storage takes place. The real time localization RTLS can be used in combination with our RFID solutions also in other processes. See our standardized solutions for goods-in and goods-out or also for storage location recognition in block storage by means of localization.

Advantages of positioning by RFID and locating

  • Error prevention through automatic monitoring of critical JIS processes
  • Increase process safety
  • Avoidance of incorrect deliveries and associated contractual penalties
  • automatic process recording


Examples of use

  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Final inspection ( EOL )
  • Loading of containers



  • Direct / indirect localisation or position determination ( handling unit or objects to be stored ) during the loading of marked objects into a load carrier
  • Standard visualization for status display
  • Optional: immediate output of errors ( e.g. object at wrong position in the container and display of expected position )
  • Optional: Coupling with other processes, e.g. generation of forklift truck transport orders when load carriers are completely filled




  • At least one battery powered RTLS transmitter
  • RTLS sensors for the acquisition of the RTLS signal
  • Depending on the identification medium: RFID reader / barcode scanner / camera


  • RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ® additional component RTLS positioning
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