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Software / ERP / MES

SIGMA MES Manufacturing Executive System

The Infor LN solution for higher efficiency in production

Our many years of experience and expert knowledge in the field of manufacturing, logistics and ERP systems were the foundation for the development of our own MES and provide you with a production control system with significant added value.

To survive on the market, you must optimize your production processes, reduce manufacturing costs, and avoid defects in manufacturing. For this purpose, SIGMA MES offers continuous monitoring of your manufacturing processes and communicates seemlessly with your Infor LN ERP system.

Having created the software SIGMA MES for Infor LN, we offer you a manufacturing execution system that makes it possible to balance and synchronize information flow and material flow, for instance, on your company’s assembly line. This allows you to switch over to completely paperless production.

Using SIGMA MES for Infor LN, you control

  • Sequencing of orders according to priorities
  • Automatic start of machine programs
  • Display of order-related information
    • Parts lists
    • Work instructions
    • Quality requirements
    • Cross-checking during scanning of parts to be constructed
  • Maintenance of quality parameters (QM & QS)
  • Notes on real, order-related cycle times to analyze vulnerabilities

Using SIGMA MES for Infor LN, you can integrate

  • Controls (CNCs) of machines & robots via OPC UA
  • Data transfer from or to Infor LN
    • Manufacturing orders
    • Part quantities produced
    • Quality parameters
  • Devices from the departments/ topics RFID / AutoID
  • Automated recording of real working hours (cycle times) as a basis for actual costs and process control


Applications of SIGMA MES for Infor LN

  • In case of variable lot sizes down to lot size 1
    • Just in Sequence (JIS)
    • Assemble to Order (ATO)
    • Make to Order (MTO)
  • In case of a product portfolio with many variations
  • To safeguard a prescribed quality standard in the event of staff rotation
Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter