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Paperless production with RFID / AutoID

The solution for digital information management in your line production

As a pioneer in RFID-supported resource and order management, with SIGMA RFID Order Management we offer a standardized AutoID solution for a quick entry into the RFID world. In the shortest possible time, our system provides structured data for tracing your products and ideally complements your Industry 4.0 concept with diverse outputs of process and quality data. The customer-specific connection of machines and the existing ERP system enables the monitoring of production from order to shipment.

For user-friendly, paperless support of line production from batch size 1, you are looking for a reliable partner to ensure quality-oriented data processing in real time. In doing so, you want to achieve an optimization of your material management and establish a reliable data collection for performance analysis. We therefore rely on RFID technology and our RFID middleware GRAIDWARE.

Paperless production is a step towards lasting competitiveness and supports future-oriented production companies in the expansion of fast and flexible structures in the planning, organization and management of production processes. By integrating it into an existing ERP system and the company-wide IT landscape, production processes can be optimized and workflows can be organized using RFID / AutoID.

TIP: Ideal intra- and interlogistic extensions are our RFID gates and RFID stackers.



  • Unique identification of RFID tagged objects, data-driven recognition and selection of specific workflows, automatic recognition of product details
  • Output of information on a terminal (e.g. article, batch, delivery, customer number, planned storage location or similar)
  • Data exchange with production machines (OPC UA) and ERP (e.g. order data, traceability of all parts)
  • Detection of faulty parts with error description and error zone image
  • Return of product status based on the recognized workstation
  • Information is available in real time

Deployment scenarios

  • Production management - selecting and controlling customer orders
  • Internal supply chain - monitoring raw material inventories and flows as well as routing of part products within and between company production sites
  • Internal production bookings for example warehouse, RFID picking...
Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter