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Machine connection via OPC standard

Machines can be connected and controlled with the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® via an OPC interface. OPC ( Open Platform Communications ) is a standard for data exchange between machines and applications in automation technology. The connection allows complete integration of a machine into automated work process. There are many possibilities for the integration of machines.

Example: The correct machine program is selected and executed by means of RFID supported identification of the work piece. The progress and completion is signalled to the higher-level system. At the same time, quality data and process information for this process are provided by the machine. The information obtained, such as coating data, pressure or heat parameters, dimensions and much more, forms the database for targeted optimization and control of the production processes.

Advantages of the OPC machine connection

  • Comfortable connection of many different machine types with machine controls from Siemens ( S7, S5 ), Mitsubishi, Rockwell and others
  • There is no need to develop interfaces for connecting new machines.
  • No additional software licenses are required for the integration of further machines. Further license costs are only incurred for additional PLC protocols.

Typical examples for machine connection

  • Production control
  • Quality assurance
  • Automated support BDE, MDE
  • Machine control, machine monitoring


  • Reading and writing of data blocks from machine controls with optional confirmation
  • Continuous reading of data with change notifications
  • Display of status information for machine connections
  • Machine control