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Machine connection via OPC standard

Solution for machine integration in automated work processes

For the development of our AutoID/RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® we used the OPC UA ( Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture ) standard. This technology enables data exchange between machines and applications in automation technology.

For your company, this means the complete integration of a machine into the automated work process. Starting with the RFID-supported identification of workpieces, the next step is, for example, to select and execute the correct machine programme. Progress and completion are signalled to the higher-level system. At the same time, quality data and process information for this process are retrieved from the machine. Information obtained in this way forms the data basis for targeted optimisation and control of the production processes.

Typical examples for machine connection

  • Production control
  • Quality assurance
  • Automated support BDE, MDE
  • Machine control, machine monitoring


  • Reading and writing of data blocks from machine controls with optional confirmation
  • Continuous reading of data with change notifications
  • Display of status information for machine connections
  • Machine control
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