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Mobile data capture with RFID handhelds

With a manual / mobile recording and identification of AutoID marked objects ( e.g. goods or goods carriers ) objects can be recognized and booked at defined points. The recorded data is automatically transferred to third party systems by means of RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® and collected for evaluation if required.

The use of suitable handheld devices allows flexible use, for example, in narrow or changing acquisition points. The assistant-supported menu navigation allows a very easy and intuitive operation.

Advantages of mobile data capture with RFID

  • Bulk capture ( for example, for physical inventory )
  • Identification through packaging without visual contact
  • Representation of process-adequate application
  • simple and intuitive operation through assisted user interface design
  • Very high system mobility
  • System can be used in harsh and adverse environmental conditions despite contamination
  • high availability through mobile radio systems such as WLAN, UMTS or GPRS
  • Use of different AutoID technologies ( e.g. RFID, barcode, etc. ) in one device


Examples of use

  • goods-in / goods-out
  • RFID order picking
  • Production
  • Tool Management
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse management
  • Intralogistics
  • Shipping



  • ready-made standard application for identifying Auto ID marked objects
  • Linking of Auto ID marked objects ( e.g. article with box, packaging material with pallet or machine with tool )
  • WLAN interface to GRAIDWARE ® Server
  • Buffer for data storage, e.g. for ( temporarily ) non-existent WLAN
  • LAN interface to the GRAIDWARE ® server ( data exchange when plugged into LAN docking station )




  • Handheld system with barcode and / or RFID
  • The list of recommended devices can be requested from SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH


Graphical user interface
Visualization, which displays labels captured on the handheld and allows simple links. The visualization can be customized by SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH.

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