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News foundation SIGMA SI

IT security & infrastructures

On July 1, 2023, SIGMA SI was merged out of the IT Infrastructure division and pc Scholz GmbH

AutoID/RFID Auftragsmeldung TTI Inc.


RFID-based container tracking in the warehouse using traceability solution GRAIDWARE

Embedded Summer Campaign 2023

Embedded solutions

Get embedded services at a special price...

SIGMA Allgemein

Painting motif decorates employee T-shirts

IT-Infrastruktur Referenzbericht Eubios 2023

IT security & infrastructures

Hyperconverged IT infrastructure with centralized management reduces administration effort

Referenzbericht RFID Reifenwerk Heidenau - Digitalisierung der Intralogistik


Digitization of intralogistics: traceability through RFID gate & mobile app, documentation of load carriers via app

Embedded Referenzbericht IFA mbH - Anpassung Windows IoT Core

Embedded solutions

Embedded operating system adaptation Windows IoT Core with ARM i.MX8 processor of an iNET Engine

AutoID / RFID Auftragsmeldung Petri Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG


In the future, AutoID/RFID will be used to fully automatically match label rolls with the production order.

IT-Infrastruktur Referenzbericht CEFEG GmbH

IT security & infrastructures

Renewal of Fujitsu server & storage system during operation at CEFEG without impact on ERP system

Kreativraum der AWO Kindertagesstätte Knirpsenburg Plauen

SIGMA Allgemein

New creative room for AWO kindergarten in Plauen - SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH supports new project

AutoID / RFID Auftragsmeldung fischer group


With the help of track and trace, the fischer group monitors component-related process parameters during paperless…

IT Infrastruktur Auftragsmeldung EUBIOS - HCI Cluster mit Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX

IT security & infrastructures

Rehabilitation clinic from Thalheim opts for HCI Cluster with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX

Sponsoring Badminton Jugend BV Marienberg e.V.

SIGMA Allgemein

As an Infor partner we support BV Marienberg e.V. >> Further social commitment of SIGMA Chemnitz

SIGMA GRAIDWARE Monitoring Ausfall eines Readers


If an RFID reader fails, the GRAIDWARE triggers an alarm email in real time. >> To the video

SOPHOS Platin Partner 2022/23 SIGMA Chemnitz

IT security & infrastructures

Our know-how was rewarded by SOPHOS with the Platinum Partner status.

>> To the SOPHOS Firewall discount campaign