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Platforms and processor modules

No matter which processors, modules or platforms you want or already have in use, we take over the partial or complete development of Board Support Packages ( BSP ), drivers for e.g. cameras as well as the further development and system integration of Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded or Android.

Due to our extensive experience, working with your individual platform is no problem for us. In order to develop the right solution for you, we often work together with well-known platform manufacturers and system houses such as Phytec, Keith & Koep, Toradex and TQ-Systems.

Our partners for platforms and processor modules

Phytec Messtechnik GmbH offers the different System on Modules phyCORE ( plugging ) and phyCORE-DSC ( soldering ) as well as the scalable phyCARD and phyFLEX for your individual requirements, for example in combination with the AM335x or i.MX processors from NXP / Freescale. The SOMs can be combined with the manufacturer's own platforms phyBOARD-Polis, phyBOARD-Polaris, phyBOARD-Segin, phyBOARD-Zeta, phyBOARD-Mira and phyBOARD-Wega as well as with your customer-specific platforms.

Keith & Koep GmbH offers products with Trizeps and IPAN as well as various Single Board Computers ( SBC ). We offer extensive experience with the Trizeps VII and the Freescale NXP processor i.MX6, the Trizeps-VI series in combination with the Marvell XScale PXA16x processor as well as with the i-PAN4 and i-Pan5 touchscreen computers.

For the Swiss based Toradex AG we have developed Linux Board Support Packages ( BSP ) and driver based on various Colibri modules.

For TQ Systems GmbH, we have developed standard and customized board support packages as well as drivers for standard kits and single board computers.

We have further experience with hardware from Ka-Ro electronics, Data Modul, Avnet Silica and Garz & Fricke.