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SIGMA App Family for Production Monitoring

The solution for shop floor and line

To round off our applications in IT-supported information processing, we offer standardized solutions for challenges in warehousing, machine and production monitoring and storage with the SIGMA App Family for production support. To capture structured data for further processing we use our profound knowledge of application development for production support and app development.

With mobile devices, we achieve user-oriented integration into your business software landscape and ideally complement your Industrie 4.0 concept with diverse data outputs. We support you in the demand-oriented expansion of your digitalized and automated data processing. We achieve this by identifying products and operating resources using tags and transponders. In addition, further production-relevant data can be linked in a central database.

Application example

Using our RFID middleware GRAIDWARE, machine data can be processed (PLC, OPC), ERP systems (Infor LN, SAP Business One) can be integrated and UHF RFID handheld scanners can be connected and supplemented by user authentication.


  • Contactless detection of all objects marked by RFID transponder in the reading field
  • Signal forwarding to RFID middleware GRAIDWARE, for example via Ethernet or RS485