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UHF RFID solution for forklift trucks

Are you looking for an efficient solution for the automation of logistical processes in manufacturing and warehousing? You want to avoid manual scanning of material and storage bins? Your processes on the forklift should be mapped without paper?

Then rely on the SIGMA solution for warehouse automation.

In addition to the identification of actual material, the load carriers themselves can also be temporarily or permanently marked with RFID transponders. For material or order tracking, corresponding data is processed in the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE, so that process-related information is always displayed on the forklift terminal.

Which storage methods can be monitored automatically?

  • Block storage
  • High-bay warehouse
  • Line storage
  • Open spaces

AutoID / RFID Middleware as process basis

Within AutoID based processes, work equipment, production steps and AutoID data can be identified, monitored, controlled and configured with help of the RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ®. In addition, the RFID middleware forwards data to higher-level business applications, such as ERP, QA or WMS systems. Learn more about the RFID middleware here.

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Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung