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Software / ERP / MES

Integration of third-party systems

Solution to replace interfaces & integrate third-party systems

We are Infor LN Certified Partner and design solutions for you to manage the data exchange between your ERP system and different third-party applications. Infor LN has already offered a wide range of functionalities as a standard for companies in the manufacturing industry.

Business processes are very complex, and so is the related specialized software, such as PDM (Product Data Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or QM & QS (Quality Management & Quality Assurance). For this reason, secure collaboration or communication is also needed via modern interfaces between the third-party systems and their ERP.

We provide the connection or exchange by means of individually customized web services, via Infor LN’s own middleware Infor ION or our own design, the RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ®, as well as for legacy systems via XML Client.

Design of web services

These services are responsible for data exchange and process integration in real time and, at the same time, execute predefined tasks in the business logics. In addition to the configuration of a wide number of existing standardized web services to link to specific systems, we also manage for you individual integration and connection with other software from or to the ERP system.


Integration of applications via ION Middleware

Using the innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION) of Infor, it is possible to link software applications by Infor and other providers. We help you to connect very different systems to link and monitor the business processes between software, equipment, and employees in a single unified architecture.


Integration via RFID Middleware

Your company’s software environment is connected to the RFID world via the intelligent AutoID / RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ®.

We assist you in cross-linking and connecting different systems, so that nothing gets in the way of unhindered information exchange between RFID applications and commercial software in real time.

Integration via SIGMA File Interface

You can importany type of text files, such as from external book-keeping software or accounting systems, into the Infor LN ERP system via the SIGMA File Interface to generate open items for customer’s accounts and creditors. Thanks to job-capable data import, time-consuming manual input of accounting results is unnecessary.

With the SIGMA file interface, you can configure on your own, among other things, fields, paths, file names and suffixes, as well as date formats via the user-friendly backend. Using the interface provided by SIGMA, it is also possible to recode fields, as well as to map them, or to combine several fields. A log provides an in-depth history of imported data with success or error messages and makes it possible to correct faulty data directly in Infor LN.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter