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Multisite for Infor LN – How may we help?

Our holistic Multisite training service

Multisite Multisite is so much more than just technical implementation and the integration of several corporate locations into one software environment. Multisite is a solution approach that touches on your entire enterprise.
We would like to show you the structured solutions available to you.

With Multisite’s strategic, organizational, operational, and technical components, we can offer specific training and consulting services for each target group involved in the process. This allows us to establish the foundation to successfully introduce Multisite into your enterprise.

I. Strategic component

Changes resulting from the implementation of Multisite are far-reaching, and so management must be involved. In a day-long training, we focus on the strategic orientation of your organization and provide the Multisite expertise required to make fundamental decisions and to identify potential risks, pitfalls, or dependencies.

  • Management ( executive board )
  • Process Owners

1 day

  • Meaning of Multisite
  • Expected consequences
  • How Multisite affects your enterprise
  • Strategic relevance of Multisite

II. Organizational component

It is essential to lay the relevant foundations for the processes influenced by Multisite, as well as to anticipate their consequences from the beginning of the project. You will receive an overview of the process changes you can expect. You will also become familiar with the organizational changes and learn how to design them in the system.

  • Process Owners
  • Management ( executive board) optional

2 days

  • Introduction / strategic & organizational importance of Multisite
  • Basic knowledge, as well as effects on the corporate model, master data for items and trading partners, pricing
  • Explanation of enterprise-related intercompany processes
  • Processing of the check list for Single Logistics – Multi Logistics (as decision support)
  • Templates regarding master data coding and intercompany relationships

III. Operational component

To enable you to master the skills needed to create the basis for the introduction of Multisite over the course of the project, we offer a wide-ranging training program in three different packages and make use of our own training system. We provide both the theory and the context and give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned on your own.

  • Process Owners
  • Key Users

2 to 3 days

Training III/1

  • Introduction to Multisite
  • Master data training
    • General master data
    • Intercompany master data
    • Pricing
  • Setup of internal material supply ( bilateral invoicing )
  • External material supply purchasing
  • External material supply sales

Training III/2

  • Process-specific master data
    • Production
    • Processing costs
    • Manufacturing costs and similar ( etc. )
  • Setup of external direct material supply
  • Setup of expenses
  • Setup of labor costs
  • Setup of transfers ( rebooking )

Training III/3

  • Individual subjects, such as intercompany scenarios for freight and service, upon request

IV. Technical component

As specialists in the fields of ERP Infor LN and Multisite, we support or ease the burden on your Infor partner. As a Solution Architect, we also manage the installation of the system during the current project.
Moreover, we are happy to offer consultation on other issues in coordination with your Infor partner.

  • Key Users
  • IT personnel

according to individual agreement

  • Support / consultation on the firm’s installation
    • Setup of Tablesharing
    • Configuration of the firms
  • Support / consultation regarding the master data
    • Parameters
    • Master data general
    • Master data intercompany
    • Accounting diagram
  • Support / consultation during setup and testing of intercompany processes
    ( including variants, special features, etc.)

We tailor your Multisite training or consulting package to your needs. Let us figure out what they are.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter