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The Infor IDM (Document Management)

Infor Document Management (IDM) is an extension to document management that enables processing and linking of documents, such as with transactions, customers, or business partners within the Infor LN ERP system.

Document management is based on individually defined document types, users, authorizations, and workflows. You can perform the processing or linking of the documents in document management yourself, or directly in Infor LN through a widget.

We offer the integration of Infor Document Management and the required settings. Send us an email and let us know what you need.

Advantages of IDM (Infor Document Management)

The automatically generated history, the archiving option, and the ability to send documents as email attachments in Outlook will streamline your everyday work activities.

The IDM module is already included in Infor OS, is available in multiple languages, and enables communication with, and tracing of, your documents in third-party systems via Infor ION.

If necessary, an interface specifically developed by SIGMA makes it possible to import documents from HiDOX into Infor Document Management. You also have mobile access to Infor LN processes, via smart phone, for example, and can display and process your documents by means of the  SIGMA App  and a special extension.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter