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Software / ERP / MES

Higher efficiency thanks to the Infor Cloud Suite

Not enough IT personnel? Given the current dearth of expertise, qualified IT specialists are a precious commodity and are harder and harder to find.

With current advances in digitization, many business owners are faced with the question of how to free their IT personnel from the necessity of performing routine activities in the future.

The need to employ up to date versions of operational systems and applications goes hand in hand with digitization. In view of these general conditions, it is essential to efficiently utilize the personnel available in the IT department.

Make your enterprise still more efficient with the Infor Cloud Suite. This tool is scalable for the user and is available worldwide; the latest version, it frees up time for your IT personnel.

The Infor Cloud Suite Industrial Enterprise offers the following functions

  • Comprehensive ERP functionalities that can be extended with individual Infor modules
  • Automation of complex tasks and configuration of products
  • Company-wide analyses & business intelligence
  • Product administration from conceptual design to supply to service
  • Business line-related expertise in manufacturing processes
  • Global planning/ scheduling functions, as well as across locations
  • Top data security and availability
  • Progressive warehouse management
  • Avoidance of shortfalls and delays in the warehouse
  • Regular updating of the version status


The Infor Cloud Suite brings together all your business-related systems into just one data source and modernizes your business processes, offering a higher level of automation and transparency.

Making use of the Infor Cloud Suite is an investment in higher performance and efficiency for your manufacturing processes. It is our pleasure to support you in this.

How often...

have you done without necessary updates or upgrades of your ERP system in the past? Were you compelled to postpone the introduction of essential software solutions because your IT personnel were too busy with other things? Or did you have to waste time customizing your ERP standard application? Much too often, we are sure!

The Infor Cloud solutions provide quick remedies.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter