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Automated position detection

The automated position detection allows the detection of RFID tagged objects on a transport rack or a painting skid. The exact position of the product on the rack is detected. Automated or manually guided transport racks are supported.

The position can be visualized on a terminal or transferred to third-party applications. The data can be prepared as a history and thus be used for statistical evaluation ( for example for quality assurance purposes ).

The data can also be transferred to a painting program and compared with it to ensure the correct number and placement of the correct components. Furthermore, the optional identification of the painting skid and the logical linking of the objects with the transport rack is possible.

Advantages of automated position detection

  • Immediate detection of quality deviations
  • Display of process errors ( e.g. a position detected on a painting skid is always painted incorrectly )
  • Avoidance of incorrect painting passages
  • Reduction of production costs by avoiding rejects
  • higher process transparency
  • Logging of process parameters leads to traceability at product level
  • Process automation and avoidance of process errors, as no manual intervention is necessary

Examples of use

  • Production control
  • Paint shop
  • Processes in which several components on a load carrier are guided through a machine production step


  • Reading of all RFID tagged objects on a transport rack or painting skid
  • Position detection of the objects
  • Output of hints / errors by terminal visualization or signal light
  • Optional: Coupling with machine connection for control ( e.g. to stop the system in case of an error ) possible
  • Optional: Countercheck to the painting program ( do the objects match the program )



  • UHF RFID Reader ( number depends on the dimensions of the racks / skids and the number and position of the objects to be read )
  • industry PC


  • RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® additional component item recognition
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