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Our commitment to the region

SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH also sees itself as a partner in the region. And so it is a special concern for us to make our contribution to cultural and social development. In addition to our commitment to the next generation of IT, we are specifically supporting clubs and institutions.

Basketball Bundesliga Chemnitz 99ers ( Niners )

We support the Chemnitz 99ers ( Niners ). The professional team of the club plays successfully in the 1st Basketball Bundesliga.

Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. Chemnitz

We are strongly committed to addiction prevention and support the Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V. in handing out their guidebook "SUCHT - HILFE" to Chemnitz vocational schools.

We support the handball team of the B-youth of the handball club HC Glauchau / Meerane in the district league 2019/2020.

We support the handball team Male Youth C of the NSG Rottluff / Limbach-Oberfrohna, which plays in the top league in its age group.

Badminton Club BV Marienberg e.V.

As a partner of ERP Software infor , we have been supporting the youth team of the badminton club BV Marienberg e.V. since 2021.

Chemnitz Crashers Ice Hockey Club

With our sponsorship, we ensure that the young talent of the Chemnitz ice hockey club ESV 03 Chemnitz e.V. / Chemnitz Crashers is mobile.

We support the sports community SG Kleinolbersdorf-Altenhain e.V.

The association collects information on exhibits of industrial and social history and thus promotes the work of the Chemnitz Industrial Museum. We support the association in order to provide Chemnitz as an industrial location with an attractive presentation of its history.

In 1855, the Chemnitz citizen C.G. Hübner donated 30,000 Taler in his will for the "foundation of an educational institution in Chemnitz". The name "Johanneum" refers to the then King Johann of Saxony. Our company regularly supports the foundation with a donation.

The "IT-Bündnis für Fachkräfte Chemnitz" is an association of local IT companies in cooperation with Chemnitz University of Technology and the Chemnitz Economic Development Corporation. It serves to secure qualified young talent for the regional IT industry. Click here for the website.