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Software / ERP / MES

Solutions created by and for the Infor LN ERP System

Infor LN is among the leading Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) worldwide with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. As a consistent refinement of the BaaN ERP solution, Infor LN is a fully integrated ERP solution that makes available business-specific functions on a scalable, multilingual, and open system platform for discrete manufacturing.

The application focuses on industries like manufacturing of machines and equipment, high-tech components for the electronics industry, and metal processing. The system supports all business processes, including finances, warehousing, procurement, sales, production, and freight management from design to aftermarket service.

SIGMA Chemnitz is your specialized provider of solutions for Infor as well as a certified Infor LN partner. We draw on many years of experience and our technical know-how.

Infor LN components & functions

Planning software bringing together several planning methods in one application

supports a wide variety of manufacturing types (in addition to classic techniques, such as lean manufacturing, as well as assembly and material control according to the just in time principle)

meets worldwide GAAP standards and makes it possible to balance asset and statement of loss and gain accounts, as well as to determine cash flow data for business units

Inventory planning and tracing by means of ID numbers (barcodes or RFID)

Central and decentralized order / contract management, handling / processing of requirements, requests, supplier evaluation, EK contracts / delivery orders, order monitoring, complaint management and consignments, as well as procurement statistics and history

Offers, order acceptance, order tracing and confirmation, contracts, price setting, cash discounts, sales promotion actions, setting of deadlines and product configuration

Service order management, installations, contracts, outsourced services and problem messages, as well as tools for problem solution

Management of projects and manufacturing resources, makes it possible to inspect all aspects / issues of project manufacturing in real time mode

Parameter-controlled interface to VK, EK and production orders, as well as inventory control, storage area / bin location and batch management

Comprehensive product information is easy to access

Put your Infor project in professional hands

... and get in touch with us. Would you like to introduce or migrate an Infor product or connect Infor LN to other third-party systems or to the RFID world? No matter where your company is located, our certified Infor specialists are available to you worldwide with their ERP competence.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter