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Software / ERP / MES

Software, ERP, MES and Consulting

Since 1990, we have offered our customers a wide range of professional services related to information technology, management, and organization. Our customers value us as a competent and innovative partner committed to supporting them from initial problem analysis up to implementation. Our certified Infor experts’ many years of project experience are the foundation for efficient organization solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Mapping standard requests with in-house software solutions has a long history. The ability to upgrade software through exclusively customized parameterization of the ERP systems is the focus today and makes us independent of the place of installation and the system partners supervising. Our Consulting and Software solutions division has been consistently followed this course with the two partners Infor LN & SAP Business One for years.

ERP system Infor

Whether in small and medium-sized companies or as part of a group, manufacturers using Infor solutions have highly efficient and powerful tools. With 117 branch operations / offices and approximately 70.000 customers, Infor and its solutions are established worldwide. In the following, you can find specific examples and references for our solutions and services in the field of Infor Standard, mobile apps, and integration.

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100% standard – comprehensive migration of BaaN IV to Infor LN (previously Featurepack 7) without any adaptation. Working with our customer, we did exactly what we set out to do and, thanks to the many functions of Infor LN, we kept the standard unchanged.

The apps developed by SIGMA offer Warehouse Management solutions for mobile accounting, for instance, of goods entry, storage space, batch and serial numbers, and in putting together the goods in stock and for shipment (commissioning). Our mobile applications generated in an agile design environment are suitable for desktops, tablets, and smartphones (Windows, Android, iOS) or scannerswith Android.

Using the manufacturing feedback app for Infor LN by SIGMA, you can track work times, as well as detail the quantities produced and reasons for breakdown. Your employees will spend less time giving manufacturing feedback and will work more productively.

For the equipment manufacturer NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH, we consolidated the IT systems, and implemented the ERP migration from BaaN IV to Infor LN. We also linked the available SolidWorks Enterprise PDM with Infor by means of web services. In this task, we worked with the customer and focused on agile value in software engineering. Reference report

SIGMA MES for Infor LN stands for a Manufacturing Execution System enabling cycling, synchronizing and balancing of the information flow with material flow on a production or assembly line – thereby making possible completely digitized or paper-less production / assembly.

In a development team following an agile approach, we connected the CRM system salesForce with the middleware Skyvva via bidirectional interfaces with Infor LN by means of Infor ION. As a result, it is possible to exchange data, such as trade partners, contacts, addresses, items, and assets from Infor LN to salesForce and vice versa.

Data are exchanged between the Planning tool HSplan and the ERP system Infor LN by using web services. In this process, predefined work plans are completed with actual working hours in real time. As a result of the integration, it is not necessary to manually transfer the results to Infor LN.

For the compressor manufacturer Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH, we took the customer’s requirements as guideline, introduced the ERP system Infor LN, and, additionally, Infor dEPM as a Business Intelligence solution, and generated a web service interface to the PDM system PTC Windchill in the agile development context. reference report

Web services for Interflex BDE make it possible to synchronize data, such as project times, production quantities, and production times from the BDE (production data acquisition) into the ERP system Infor LN, as well as master data from Infor LN into the BDE. An interdisciplinary project team following agile principles analyzed the requirements and executed the implementation.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter