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Qualification and specification of AutoID solutions

Working together with you, we specify the process and functional requirements of your company and define the requirements for the future AutoID solution. We check the feasibility and identify the project risks. We test demanding AutoID scenarios in advance in our RFID laboratory, taking into account the influencing environmental conditions.

Afterwards we select the appropriate hardware ( such as RFID readers, antennas, terminals ) for your individual needs. Subsequently, we create a logical implementation plan as well as a resulting cost planning. You will benefit from our experience from previous projects.

Prequalification of your AutoID solution

  • Requirement analysis
  • Creation of a proof of concept
  • Comprehensive tests in the RFID laboratory
  • Implementation of pre-qualifications on site
  • Identification of project risks
  • Implementation plan

Specification of your AutoID solution

  • Consulting for the connection of machines and tools
  • Consulting on the surrounding system architecture such as connection of ERP, WMS
  • Selection of the appropriate technology ( UHF, LF, HF, DMC, QR Code, Barcode, Camera, Location / RTLS, BLE Bluetooth Low Energy )
  • Selection of suitable hardware such as suitable RFID transponders, suitable RFID readers, sensors etc.
  • Specification of the overall solution
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung