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RFID gate for monitoring goods

RFID gates are used to monitor the material flow or to control a planned process flow. Frequent areas of application are area transitions such as goods-in or goods-out. A gate can also be used as part of a system for route tracking. The recording of the signals ( RFID reading ) is triggered by the sensor system ( light barrier, radar sensor or ultrasonic sensor ). After completion of the reading, the plausibility checked signals can result in a data entry ( stock entry in the ERP system ).


Advantages of RFID Gate / RFID Gate Technology

✓ fast reading of objects in the gate area
✓ simultaneous reading of several objects ( bulk reading ), even in the non-visible range
✓ higher process reliability through high degree of automation
✓ reduction of storage capacities

Examples of use

  • goods-in and goods-out
  • detection and control of material flow
  • internal goods postings for example warehouse, RFID order picking, assembly and dispatch
  • support of work plan processing
  • vehicle guidance system
  • access control
  • theft protection


  • Detection of all objects identified by RFID transponder in the reading field
  • Signal forwarding via Ethernet or RS485 to GRAIDWARE ® AutoID / RFID middleware
  • GRAIDWARE process ( e.g. data exchange with third party systems, label printing, acceptance of machine data, etc. )
  • Algorithms for the recognition of the feed-through direction based on sensor signals and the filtering of the read IDs ( e.g. detection, strength of the response signal ( RSSI ) or according to stored characteristics, such as component type )
  • Visualization, which displays the current status at the gate and for each passage the recognized direction and the electronic product code ( EPC ) of the performed parts ( visualization can be customized by us )
  • Monitoring display for displaying and analysing the passages and the data sent
  • optional: detection of the direction of movement when objects pass through
  • optional: output of states via signal lamp
  • optional: display to show information and hints ( e.g. detected product not yet ready for shipment )
  • optional: provision of a fully equipped control cabinet with all RFID gate connection components




  • RFID reader
  • Sensors
  • GRAIDWARE ® Hardware Connector
  • Connection cable



System requirements

  • Ethernet connection
  • 220V supply for connection of the RFID Gate devices
  • The GRAIDWARE ® software requirements apply


Additional components of the GRAIDWARE ® AutoID / RFID Middleware.
Licensing type

  • Single goal licence
  • Site license ( unlimited number of gates )
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung