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Electronic supporting file

A product is electronically recorded in the production process by means of RFID identification and can thus be tracked throughout the entire manufacturing process. Data on properties, production steps and parameters as well as production times are carried along throughout the entire production process and are available at every workstation for information or control purposes. Depending on the production step, the electronic supporting file can be extended by process step specific information ( e.g., for textiles printing is carried out, cut, sewn, provided for dispatch etc. ) can be extended. At workstations or area transitions, the work step can be booked in third-party software solutions such as ERP, PPS, WMS.

The electronic supporting file serves to control the processes in production as well as for the completely digitalized representation of product and order information ( order status, customer information, delivery quantities, photos / pictures, circuit diagrams, drawings, protocols, documentation, technical data sheets, etc. ) and thus the traceability, evaluation and quality assurance.

Advantages of an electronic supporting file

  • Very high transparency in the production process
  • Changes of information ( e.g. changes of the prioritization or the production steps of a product ) are immediately valid in all production areas
  • Immediate reaction in production to order changes possible
  • automatic feedback of the production progress
  • Errors in the production sequence are avoided by constant monitoring


Examples of use

  • Production processes / production
  • Internal logistics



  • Order management ( create, remove )
  • Splitting / merging of orders ( for example, if production is on different days )
  • Stock reports to third party system ( ERP, PPS, ... )
  • Progress recording and monitoring
  • Confirmation of production steps ( for example, as a status message for customers to Webshop )
  • Terminal visualization ( order preparation, order status, stock status, extended product information, notification messages )




  • project-specific



  • project-specific necessary extensions
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung