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Embedded solutions

Embedded products and industries

Our embedded solutions are used in a wide range of products and in a variety of industries. The following examples show the variety of our developments and possibilities in the field of embedded system integration, software and hardware development.

Examples of embedded projects

Here you can see some selected product experiences from various industries and sectors.

  • readout meter for heat meters in the private sector
  • monitoring of wind power plants
  • water quality measurement-technology
  • monitoring, wireless transmission, collection of data for optimization of parameters in combined heat and power plants

    • domestic engineering control centres and accessories
    • door or access control system
    • 3D fingerprint scanner

      • optical measurement evaluation
      • camera system for drone
      • camera system for satellite
      • countless camera drivers for various image sensors

        • infrastructure for reading out pacemakers
        • ECG device ( study )
        • med-panel for emergency services
        • panel for emergency medicine in motor vehicles
        • breath alcohol measuring device
        • electronic magnifying glass for visually impaired persons
        • dialysis Technology
        • scaling and rotation of image content in high-resolution patient monitors

          • optical measurement evaluation
          • magnetic field meter
          • gas leak detector
          • device for gap measurement
          • spectrum analyser
          • breath alcohol measuring device
          • high voltage tester
          • distance measurement and position determination
          • data concentrator for RFID applications
          • special and precision scales
          • tire tread measuring device
          • high voltage measuring and testing device
          • testing device for electrical device safety

          • intelligent vehicle displays ( truck, construction )
          • rear view camera with mirror display
          • entry control system
          • on-board computer local traffic
          • distance measurement and position determination

            • fogging system for emergency vehicles ( ROSY )
            • med-panel for emergency services
            • camera system for satellite

              • drone for animal identification
              • control of garden tools

              • slicer
              • kitchen PC
              • HMI for use in commercial kitchens
              • software for roller grill

              • multimedia system for yachts
              • tracking system for ski routes
              • game computer component
              • software for slot machines

                • control panel

                • time recording systems
                • HMI / MMI
                • RFID reader
                • handheld for RFID readers
                • android panels for various applications
                • interface converter
                • data collector
                • integration / adaptation of various camera sensors ( infrared / visible range )
                • cryptography components
                • control panels for various machines
                • countless camera drivers for various image sensors
                • navigation / positioning using various technologies