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NFC technology

The solution for secure identification over short distances

A technology based on RFID, is the near field communication, or shortly NFC. Data is exchanged at a distance of only a few centimetres or millimetres. Modern smartphones are usually equipped with a NFC reader and are used, for example, for cashless payments with smartphones.

An application example in the field of production or logistics is the equipment of a container with an NFC chip in addition to a UHF RFID transponder.

Therefore, the container can be identified with UHF RFID and additionally with commercially available smartphones. So the NFC technology can be a good alternative to dirty barcodes.

NFC in production and logistics

The content or the process ( where was the container befor and where is it going next ) of the container can be displayed on your smartphone via a SIGMA app.

This means that you receive all the information you need for day-to-day operations in a very simple manner on your smartphone. Beyond this you do not need any additional device except the smartphone.