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Software / ERP / MES

Data platform Infor OS (Operating Service)

Infor OS is designed as an intelligent network connecting functions for automation, forecasts, prevention, and information thereby supporting you and your stakeholders at every step.

The Infor OS platform is the foundation for your enterprise’s ecosystem and enables the integration of widely varying internal and external systems. You can use Infor OS also as a cloud-based variant. Its user interface combines all applications and provides company-wide insights in real time mode.

The document management system DMS IDM is also integrated into the Infor OS user interface. Users receive task information and status reports from various connected systems and thus can review all activities.

Infor OS consists of the Infor Mingle and Infor ION solutions and was previously known as Infor Xi.

Infor OS offers the following

  • Conversation-oriented user experience for better perception and evaluation
  • Special middleware Infor ION to integrate third-party applications
  • Data visualization and business analytics
  • Document management
  • Digital embedded assistant
  • Connecting your business processes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet
  • Compliance and localization
  • Application development framework
  • Rapid extension or app development
  • Data Lake supports Big Data architecture and Data Governance
  • Single sign-on and security
  • Enterprise search
Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter