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Windows Embedded CE operation system

Do you need to update older Windows CE versions? Besides our support for older WinCE versions, we also offer extensive experience in the conversion of complete customer projects or platforms from WinCE to Embedded Linux. Your advantage is that we know both operating systems very well. We are happy to consult you and help you with the implementation.

By using the open, operating system independent .net core environment, it is often possible to move a WinCE application ( if created under .net ) into a Linux environment without any problems. Our specialists also consult and help you with this or other operating system specific porting.

Windows CE 2.11 to Windows CE 6

We have gained experience with the following operating system versions:

  • Windows CE 2.11 ( July 1998 )
  • Windows CE 3.0 ( February 2000 )
  • Windows CE .NET 4.2 ( February 2003 )
  • Windows CE 5.0 ( July 2004 )
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 x ( September 2006 - 2009 )

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 is a version of Microsoft's Embedded Real-Time Operating System, which is used in PDAs, microcomputers, mobile devices, and in medical and industrial technology.

It differs from the normal Windows by a different, used operating system kernel. Windows CE version 6 supports the processor architectures of Intel x86, MIPS, ARM ( with Intel PXA ) and Hitachi SuperH.

The successor to Windows CE Version 6, which has been on the market since 2006, was launched at the end of 2010 under the name Windows Embedded Compact 7.0.


Features of Windows CE 6

  • various system components run in kernel space
  • virtual storage model
  • new device driver model with support for user mode and kernel mode drivers
  • Process limit extended to 32,768 processes
  • Expansion of the virtual 32 MB memory up to 2 GB
  • Platform Builder IDE integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 as a plugin
  • Read-only support for UDF 2.5 file system
  • Support for exFAT file system
  • 802.11i ( WPA2 ) and 802.11e ( QoS ) wireless standards
  • supports x86, ARM, SH4 and MIPS based processor architecture
  • Cellcore Componentsdiverse Systemkomponenten laufen im Kernel-Space