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Software / ERP / MES

Data exchange via web services & interfaces

The solution to connect third-party systems to your ERP system

As Infor LN ERP system expert, we configure for you existing standardized interfaces and / or design customized web services to integrate and link additional software for data and information exchange. The application of web services serves as a basis to build service-oriented software architecture (SOA).

If your older systems are not capable of running web service technologies, then we are happy to set up a dedicated, specifically developed XML Message Server to transform XML files into web service calls or vice-versa, i.e., transfer web service requests into files.

Software solutions are frequently operated as isolated applications. In this process, media disruption appears during data exchange, and, when possible, this data is taken up manually. This, in turn, results in repeated, time-consuming asynchronous record keeping.

This inconsistency results in higher error rates and makes companies less efficient, on the one hand. On the other hand, it is not feasible to map all content in one system, possibly by comprehensive adaptations. The goal is to keep the core competencies in each specialized system.

Data and information from the single applications can be linked to one another through interfaces in a defined manner. Thus, web services are used not only for data transfer in real time, but also to link processes and make functions available externally. In other words, they assume predefined tasks in the target system’s business logics.

The SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH is your experienced partner to implement and design service-oriented software architectures (SOA). We have designed a basic component and many standardized web services that can map essential data, processes, and functions in the ERP.

We combine them for you in our SISOA package (from FP5 to 10.7), continuously refine these services, and adapt them according to your specific needs.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter