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Storage location detection in the high-bay warehouse

With the storage location detection in the high-bay warehouse, an automatic detection of individual storage locations takes place when approaching the storage location with a forklift truck, for example. The objects to be placed into storage are linked to the storage bin. The data is managed with the help of the AutoID / RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ®.

If a storage bin is specified by an external Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) , an automatic cross-check of the recognized storage bin is possible. This prevents incorrect storage. Alternatively, the storage bin can be transferred to an external system without a plausibility check. For both stock placement and stock removal, posting information can be created and transferred for third-party business systems ( for example, SAP WMS ). It is also possible to control transport orders for forklifts ( display on the terminal, etc. ).

Advantages of the automatic storage location detection

  • Enables the efficient use of dynamic warehousing
  • Increase of process safety
  • Avoidance of errors by scanning the wrong storage location
  • Increase in the degree of automation through automatic scanning of the load and the storage locations
  • Reduction of non-value adding process times
  • e.g. manual scanning or regular ascending / descending for the recording of cargo and storage locations
  • Avoidance of search times
  • automatic and permanent inventory in the depicted storage area


Examples of use

  • Warehouse management
  • Intralogistics



  • Management of storage locations
  • automatic recording of storage locations when starting, parking and / or removing
  • Link storage bin with object to be put away ( article, package, pallet, container, etc. )
  • Optional: cross-checking when storage bin is specified by an external system
  • Optional: Evaluation and overview of the current storage bin situation




  • RFID Reader or
  • Barcode scanner / 2D scanner ( DataMatrix, QR-Code )


  • RFID Middleware GRAIDWARE ® Additional component storage bin management
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung