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SIGMA MES control system for painting plants

The solution for increasing efficiency in manufacturing

The Manufacturing Execution System ( MES ) digitalizes planning, control and quality assurance for the optimized operation of painting plants. The use of the SIGMA MES leads to paperless production.

Core functions of the MES system are central order control via a scheduling terminal, visualization of orders on so-called line terminals, PLC integration via OPC UA, integration of the existing ERP system ( master data, orders, quantity postings ), recording and evaluation of quality parameters for quality assurance, administration of users and raw materials as well as reporting.

If required, this software solution can be extended with a component identification via RFID technology.

MES application example in a painting plant

Functions of the MES for painting plants

1. central order control via a dispatcher terminal

  • Integration of the orders planned by the ERP system
  • Round robin planning using copy & paste function ( multiple )
  • Automated information enrichment ( e.g. documents, images, machine programs ) of orders through freely definable metadata
  • Manual detailed planning by prioritizing, moving, splitting, merging of orders possible
  • Checking and releasing orders

2. visualization of orders at the line terminals

on reaching the production / assembly site including parts to be installed and linked documents

  • Display training documents for system operators
  • Overview of the order planning ( completely partial )
  • Input of downtimes


3. PLC integration using OPC UA for sending and receiving data


4. comprehensive user administration

  • Multiple registration by workers
  • Supervisor authorizations

5. quality assurance

  • by calling up digital training documents at the line terminals
  • Detailed inspection of the individual components
  • OK / NOK booking with transfer to the ERP system
  • Step-by-step defects recording on the basis of defined defect characteristics / defect zones ( also multiple )


6. stocktaking and administration of raw materials

  • Scanning of individual components or containers using a handheld device
  • Transfer of the data to the ERP system

7. reporting / monitoring

  • Basis are the data collected and stored in the process
  • Creation of individual key figure dashboards
  • Visualization of the key figures at the terminal
  • Visualization / presentation of the key figures on Android end devices
Frank Pyritz - Geschäftsführer SIGMA Gruppe