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SIGMA app development

The solution for your individual app under IOS, Android & Windows.

As a future-oriented company, you take advantage of the digital world and meet the challenges by constantly developing your company. We support you by providing needs-oriented solutions for your workflows with our many years of experience in customer-centric software development. Among other things, you benefit from our competent app development. We develop innovative and process-specific software solutions for you or adapt already used apps to changed conditions.

For this purpose, we discuss with you which technology is suitable for your app. Based on the required functions and app content, preferred device types and the functional design, we conceive and project your desired product with the operating systems IOS, Android, Windows CE as well as web applications with MS Blazor.

Exclusive App Development & Software Solutions

Whether new development, function integration or extension - we implement your ideas efficiently and effectively.

  • process-oriented requirement analyses
  • application-oriented conceptual design
  • realistic planning of software and hardware costs
  • cost-sensitive implementation through the use of agile methods

Even after the development of your customized solution we are at your disposal with our competent support.

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SIGMA offers you an end-to-end digital solution for recording operating data in production. The SIGMA PDC app for the ERP SAP Business One enables you to achieve paperless production via a browser-based terminal.

The GRAIDWARE app for goods storage supports you in the digital management of filled containers as well as in the monitoring of storage times and storage locations. GRAIDWARE guarantees the exchange of information with your ERP system and enables the visualization as well as evaluation of the product status.

With the warehouse management app for Infor LN, you can easily and quickly check your stock, make a stock removal or perform an inventory. Barcodes can be used to record and identify items with batches, serial numbers and storage locations. In this way, inventory movements and stocktaking can be carried out on the move in the warehouse or shipping area.

The production feedback app for Infor LN allows you to record working times as well as the quantity produced in ACTUAL and TARGET. In the app, your employees can enter their activities into the production plan and thus enable full transparency about the status of production and resources at any time.

With our asset accounting app, you can digitize and simplify the inventory of assets, furniture and technical equipment using RFID solutions. In doing so, you identify several assets simultaneously without contact and without visual contact.

Our Digital Packing Table app for SAP Business One enables your mail order business to automatically carry out the packing process through picking lists and route optimization through collective picking.

For the maintenance of your operating equipment such as containers and tools, we have developed an app that can be used as a standard in the areas of production, warehouse and logistics as well as supply chain.

The Android-based mobile warehouse management app for SAP Business One simplifies your work and leads to paperless logistics in the warehouse. Handhelds capture objects and transfer them to your ERP system in real time.