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SIGMA App Family for Maintenance Tasks

The solution for digital monitoring & visualization of maintenance

As a long-standing industry partner in the provision of software for production data acquisition, for example with our GRAIDWARE middleware for production up to the ERP system, we are very familiar with the processes from order entry to shipping. With the SIGMA Apps from our maintenance family, you can optimize your expenses for maintenance, modernization, servicing as well as blocking or disposal and minimize your costs.

In our mobilestandard solution based on Android, a variety of application scenarios in production, warehouse / logistics as well as in the area of supply chain can be mapped customer-specific. For example, the scheduling of maintenance and cleaning intervals or the logging of detected or repaired damage.

The equipment to be managed can be marked with UHF RFID transponders, HF transponders, NFC labels, QR codes or barcodes, for example. Once these are recorded in a database, they can be read out via the mobile app and linked to further information.

The predefined details of maintenance tasks include functional testing, cleaning or calibration of measuring devices. In production facilities with containers of any kind, the determination of blocking reasons or indications of damage after an inspection is necessary. Special uses or conversion measures can also be recorded. For any heavily used equipment, information on damage zones is important. The linking with process-specific word modules is a great help in handling by the employees.


  • Contactless detection of all marked objects in the reading field
  • Signal forwarding for subsequent processing of the information

 Application scenarios

  • Equipment maintenance - automated and scheduled notifications
  • Equipment optimization - ensuring the complete flow of information from the date of insertion to the last location of the container
  • Maintenance and cleaning - efficient distribution of tasks