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Digital RFID Inventory

Manual asset inventory costs your company a lot of time and money. In order to simplify the inventory of assets, furniture and technical equipment, this process can be digitalized and thus automated using an RFID solution.

After the assets have been tagged with RFID transponders, several assets can be identified simultaneously without contact via mobile readers without visual contact and transferred to a central database. The RFID transponders are tracked with information such as room, inventory number, EPC code and designation, which you can change, add or delete as often as you like.

Via our RFID middleware GRAIDWARE, maintenance systems ( e.g. TOM ), databases and UHF RFID handheld scanners can be connected and asset accounting can be integrated.

Advantages of digital RFID inventory

  • Savings in time and personnel costs
  • Fast recording during the asset inventory
  • Up-to-date overview of assets and inventory through clear and automatic identification
  • No search effort
  • Recording of several plants simultaneously ( bulk reading )
  • Digitally supported inventory reduces error frequency and shortens inventory time
  • Contactless RFID identification without visual contact
  • RFID transponder information can be changed, supplemented, deleted and stored in a new database as required
  • Enhanced security through user authentication possible

Functions of digital inventory

  • Transmission of data to central database
  • contactless detection by mobile readers
  • Interfaces to third-party systems
  • Integration of asset accounting ( fixed assets, location, count lists )
  • Registration of needs such as cleaning, relocation, segregation, replacement, repair and new procurement
  • Evaluation possibilities
  • optional: inventory rental to external companies
  • optional: search for assets at different locations