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Our experiences and references

The embedded team of SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH has experiences with upcycling and was already able to realize multiple projects regarding upcycling.

Convince yourself of our expertise and the idea of realizing projects despite current problems, without ignoring quality and sustainability.

Our embedded team was able to realize the following projects in 2022/2023:

Products from the medical sector built at the beginning of the 2000s could be restarted or repaired after the required analysis using old PC and special programming technology. For this purpose, several flash storage media, which were actually no longer completely readable, were read out, compared, corrected and rewritten.

Several times, the original display/touchscreen combinations of controls from well-known manufacturers were replaced by new, less expensive ones, requiring the corresponding drivers. The original components are currently not available and/or completely overpriced.

Here you can read more about it:

Modules for radio communication (Bluetooth, WIFI) that were no longer available were replaced by new flexible modules, with drivers (transparent according to the application) being written and integrated into the system.

Here you can read more about it:

  • Reverse engineering for patching binary images and individual drivers for image, registry or file system repair or updates.
  •  Reverse Engeneering and optimization of partially or not at all documented source and missing access to the original developer(s).

    Here you can read more about it:
    - Reference  report  VELOMAT    Group GmbH:   Revision of software for DD-0050 ATEX measurement electronics

Switching from old operating systems to another or from older operating system versions to newer ones, the latter while retaining the existing application as far as possible.

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