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Storage monitoring of containers

The storage monitoring system enables automated linking of load carrier and component. With help of sorting or validation criteria, the employee is supported in this process by various signalling systems. A typical scenario is loading containers of one type only. The first stored component determines the sort. All subsequent parts are then checked by the software.

With a terminal application, the entire process is presented in a way that is comprehensible to the employee. The RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® ensures that only process relevant signals are recorded. The storage monitoring can be linked to other processes in production or logistics.

Example: A certain filling quantity triggers a driving order for the forklift truck.

Third-party applications ( ERP, WMS, etc. ) can be connected if, for example, goods movements are to be posted or statistically recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Advantages of storage monitoring

  • Avoidance of incorrect storage by direct indication or signalling
  • High degree of automation - manual scanning of products etc. is no longer necessary


Examples of use

  • Production
  • RFID order picking
  • Logistics



  • UHF RFID readers read marked parts and load carriers
  • Optional: linking of the load carriers with the stored objects
  • Optional: Linking to subsequent processes such as the creation of forklift truck transport orders for collection, statistical evaluation ( visualization / reporting ) or the integration of further Auto ID controlled processes




  • two UHF RFID readers per logistic load carrier
  • Connector for connecting the reader to an industrial PC ( IPC )
  • Industrial PC ( IPC )
  • Power supplies
  • Connecting lines
  • Optional: switch cabinet, terminal, load carrier detection via HF reader


  • RFID middleware GRAIDWARE ® Additional component container storage
Viktor Wagner - Consultant Digitalisierung