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Add-ons for Infor LN

With selected add-ons for the Infor LN ERP system, we offer you time-saving system extensions to optimize your everyday activities. Automatizing the input and output of current data on a daily basis, as well as the analysis of the data obtained, saves time and money.

In order to simplify the updating of exchange rates in Infor LN, we designed an add-on to automatically import the ECB exchange rates. Users who work with many currencies know the work required to manually update daily exchange rates that must be acquired from external sources. However, from now on, this can be accomplished much more easily.

Another add-on makes it possible to import documents from HiDOX into the Document Management system of Infor LN. The IDM enables the linkage and processing of documents, such as with transactions, customers, and business partners within Infor LN.

Add-on – Automated import of exchange rates

With the add-on Automatic Import of exchange rates for Infor LN, SIGMA offers an ERP expansion that will drastically simplify your working day.

Here, the exchange rates from the European Central Banks (ECB), which are issued on a daily basis, are imported into your Infor LN and, on request, also approved. It is not necessary to store the ECB file in the file directory. It is automatically read by the program and evaluated.

Thomas Heinke - Vertriebsleiter