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IT security & infrastructures
Sparkasse Chemnitz

Reference report Sparkasse Chemnitz: Roll out of 500 Fujitsu Thin Clients at 40 locations

Initial situation

With the expiration of the certifications for the thin clients that were previously in use, a comprehensive renewal of the hardware at all Sparkasse Chemnitz locations became necessary.


Special challenges had to be overcome in order to realize the project. For example, the various locations of the savings bank had to be optimally planned logistically and also the possibility of temporary hardware storage had to be created. Another challenge for the technicians was to replace the old devices with new ones during the bank‘s opening hours with new thin clients without interfering the ongoing business operations.

Implementation of the IT project with SIGMA Chemnitz as a partner

The entire project consisted of the procurement and rollout of the thin clients as well as a complete activity report. Over a period of two months, the existing thin clients were replaced at approximately 40 locations in and around the city of Chemnitz by a total of 500 new Futro S940 thin clients from Fujitsu. Afterwards, the storage media were removed from all the old devices and handed over to the Sparkasse. SIGMA also took care of the disposal of the packaging materials and the decommissioned hardware.

This is what our customer says
„With SIGMA, we were able to implement the projct according to our requirements and expectations.“
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About the client

Sparkasse Chemnitz is one of the region‘s traditional credit institutions. It is one of the largest employers in Saxony. The regional economy also benefits from the Sparkasse, for example in the granting of loans or in the support of founders of new businesses. No matter whether in one of the branches, at home on a PC or mobile via smartphone - the Sparkasse accompanies its customers from the first account to financing their own four walls and making the right retirement provisions. The focus is always on people.

Sparkasse Chemnitz
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