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IT security & infrastructures

Reference report EUBIOS – Hyperconvergent IT infrastructure

Reference report: Hyperconvergent IT infrastructure at EUBIOS

Initial situation

Previously, the IT infrastructure of the EUBIOS rehabilitation clinic included a Fujitsu storage cluster consisting of two PRIMERGY systems, two Fibre Channel switches and two storage systems with rotating disks. The storage systems were synchronously mirrored so that the data on both sides had the same version.

The processes were managed via a VMware licence, which allowed the machines to be moved at will. However, the administration effort for the large hardware arsenal was very high. Since the technology was partly outdated and the support for it had also expired, it needed to be optimised in the long term.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX S2D on Windows Server 2019 Basis

After discussing and evaluating the necessary requirements with Fujitsu partner SIGMA Chemnitz and running through various scenarios, the decision was made in favour of a hyperconvergent IT infrastructure as a promising solution for the future.

With the newly created IT infrastructure solution, two servers replace the six dedicated hardware systems previously in use. A Fujitsu  PRIMEFLEXStorage Spaces Direct (S2D) solution based on Windows Server 2019 was introduced. Central administration using the Windows Admin Center replaced various decentralised interfaces (VMware, Fujitsu Cluster Manager, Server Management). All systems were equipped with All Flash, which ensures high performance according to the requirements.

SIGMA Chemnitz provided EUBIOS with a certified solution from Fujitsu with tested and approved components as well as a standardised implementation and subsequent support for the entire system.

This is what our customer says...
„The hyper-converged IT infrastructure solution with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX S2D and the Microsoft Admin Center central management console has enabled us to noticeably reduce our administration workload.“
Download reference report
Download reference report as pdf file
About the client

The EUBIOS Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Clinic, located in Thalheim / Ore Mountains, is a children's and youth clinic that focuses on young patients who are treated there for speech and language impairments or accompanying psychosomatic illnesses.

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