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IT security & infrastructures

Contract announcement EUBIOS

Initial situation

Due to an expiring support period, the replacement of the current storage cluster is necessary. In this context, EUBIOS has planned a consolidation of the IT systems and intends to use a centrally managed IT solution in the future.
Taking into account the longer delivery times due to the pandemic, the rehabilitation clinic weighed up the possible alternatives with sufficient lead time. These included expanding the existing solution, renewing the current system with the same philosophy, or deploying a hyperconverged infrastructure ( HCI ).

Der Auftrag - HCI Cluster with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX

In a consultation meeting between SIGMA Chemnitz and EUBIOS, their ideas, requirements and the possible approaches for implementing the IT project were discussed. The use of an HCI cluster (Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct), which enables central administration, emerged as the most efficient solution for the application. Since the Storage Spaces Direct function is already included in the necessary WS Datacenter licenses, no license costs are incurred.

The medical facility was ultimately convinced by the Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX solution. This is an IT infrastructure solution for which SIGMA offers all-round single-point-of-contact support in the form of Fujitsu Infrastructure Support ( FIS ).

In addition to the use of pre-tested and certified hardware & software components, the attractiveness of Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX is characterized by a solution-specific but at the same time highly standardized structure of service elements.

After installation, the storage cluster is manufacturer-approved by certified SIGMA technicians from Fujitsu, guaranteeing EUBIOS support for the entire support period.

About the client

The EUBIOS rehab clinic, located in Thalheim in the Ore Mountains, specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents with speech & language disorders or accompanying psychosomatic illnesses. Pre-school children are admitted to the clinic from the age of 4, school children up to the age of 18 for about 32 days on the ward.

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