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IT security & infrastructures

Reference report CEFEG GmbH

Initial situation

At CEFEG, the replacement of the IT system previously used was imminent.

For many years, CEFEG GmbH has been intensively supported by SIGMA Chemnitz from the acquisition to the maintenance of its IT infrastructure. In previous projects, REDDOXX Email Archiving, Sophos Firewall, Mobile Device Management, Server, Storage, several Clients and Workstations as well as Veeam Backup were successfully implemented by SIGMA Chemnitz. Due to the long-standing partnership, CEFEG commissioned SIGMA Chemnitz to plan the upcoming IT system replacement.

The reason for the renewal of the IT system was the introduction of a new ERP system and the end of the lifecycle of the hardware of the old system.
The new ERP software placed certain requirements on the hardware, which the IT system used up to now did not fulfill.


The solution –Renewal of Fujitsu server and storage systems

With SIGMA Chemnitz as a competent IT service provider, CEFEG decided for two Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX2540 M5 hypervisor servers and a Fujitsu ETERNUS DX100 S5 storage system.

In order to integrate the new hardware into the infrastructure environment, SIGMA carried out a technical preparation as well as an extensive data migration in coordination with CEFEG's ERP service provider.


This is what our customer says
"Thanks to the expertise of our long-standing IT service provider SIGMA Chemnitz, we were able to integrate the new hardware into our IT landscape without interruption and compatibility with our ERP system was ensured."
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About the client

Today's CEFEG GmbH Federn- und Verbindungstechnik Chemnitz was founded in 2005, but looks back on a history of more than 30 years in the production of springs. The company manufactures stamped and bent parts and technical springs made of wire & strip, among other things as a supplier to the automobile industry.

Links: www.cefeg.de

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