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IT security & infrastructures
Landkreis Mittweida Krankenhaus gGmbH

Reference report: Migration to ESET On Premise Antivirus Software

Initial situation

Due to the imminent discontinuation of the existing on-premise antivirus software from Sophos, Landkreis Mittweida Krankenhaus gGmbH had to make a quick decision for a new IT security solution. In doing so, it was important for the hospital‘s IT manager that on-premise antivirus software would continue to be in use.

Decision for ESET Protect Complete On Premise

In cooperation with the software manufacturer ESET, SIGMA Chemnitz presented an on-premise solution with a central management console and explained the individual
functions in detail. After a successful proof of concept, the customer opted for ESET Protect Complete On Premise.

During the following setup of the console, the hospital received active support from the IT experts at SIGMA IT Security und Infrastruktur GmbH. The installation of 300 ESET licenses could be carried out on all clients and server systems in time before the approaching end of support for the old antivirus software.

This is what our customer says...
„We are pleased to have found a suitable and up-to-date solution for our antivirus needs with SIGMA‘s support and implementation of ESET Protect Complete On Premise. We are confident that the new solution will provide reliable protection and support our hospital in its security efforts.“
Download reference report
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About the client

Landkreis Mittweida Krankenhaus gGmbH is a regular hospital for the medical specialties of internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care, gynecology and obstetrics, and pediatrics. In addition, it functions as an academic teaching hospital of the TU Dresden.

Link: www.lmkgmbh.de

Landkreis Mittweida Krankenhaus gGmbH
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