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IT security & infrastructures
Abwasserzweckverband „Zschopau/Gornau“

Reference report Abwasserzweckverband Zschopau / Gornau: Exchange Migration & new backup system

Over the years, the entire IT infrastructure of the wastewater association had reached the limits of its age and capacity, making modernization an absolute necessity.
SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH realized the renewal of the entire IT infrastructure at the Abwasserzweckverband Zschopau / Gornau.

Stabilization of the security processes thanks to the new backup system

The increasing risk of server failures and the poor performance of the IT system made a renewal essential. The requirements were recorded and the capacities were dimensioned. Between May and June 2017, the server infrastructure was renewed and virtualized, thus improving the company's IT operations. The renewal of the backup system led to a significant stabilization of the backup processes. The existing Windows Small Business Server (SBS) was migrated to a new version (Windows Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2016). This ensures future update security and reliability.

Powerful SOPHOS firewall with secure smartphone connectivity

Finally, with the solution from SOPHOS, a powerful firewall was installed. Two separate Internet connections are linked to it for the administration and connection of the cloud-based billing as well as the sensor network. Furthermore, the firewall is responsible for the secure connection of the smartphones via SOPHOS Central Mobile Advanced (Mobile Device Management) to the groupware solution and the establishment of a VPN connection. In this way, data can be accessed from any location and at any time during an emergency.

Reference report - Renewal of the entire IT landscape at the wastewater association "Zschopau/Gornau"
This is what our customers say...
"We had reached a capacity limit. With the help of SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH, we brought our entire IT landscape up to date and increased fail-safety. The cooperation with SIGMA was very trustful."
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About the client

Clean water for our environment is the task of the wastewater association (AZV) "Zschopau/Gornau", which was founded in 1993 as a municipal corporation under public law. The association with the association members city Zschopau and the municipality Gornau cares for an area of about 18 km². To fulfill its task of treating wastewater, the association operates a 63-kilometer-long sewer system, as well as more than 70 pumping stations and stormwater overflow and retention basins. All the wastewater produced is ultimately routed to the Zschopau central wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 17,000 p.e.*, where it is properly treated before being discharged into the Zschopau River.

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*The population equivalent (p.e.) is a calculated value for wastewater treatment.Image: SIGMA Chemnitz GmbH

Abwasserzweckverband „Zschopau/Gornau“
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